Lion Blackjack - Jacks-or-Better how to play

Playing Jacks-or-Better
Jacks-or-Better is the most popular video poker there is. It is very simple and also known as poker draw. Your objective is to get at least a pair of jacks in order to win your bet and the better the hand the better it pays.

In our Lion Jacks-or-Better game we limit the game to 20 rounds as long as you still have a bankroll so that you will be able to compete with other players and have your high-score appear in our leader board.
Place a bet
First thing you need to do in each round is decide how much you would like to bet on. It must be within your bankroll and it is limitted to either 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 the phone arrows, or the key pad numbers 4 and 6 or the touch screen to place your bet.

Which cards to keep
Once you placed your bet you will be dealt 5 cards facing up. Now you will have to choose which cards to replace in order to improve your hand. Once you click deal you will be dealt new cards instead of those you asked to dismiss and get paid according to your hand value as follows:
250 x bet for Royal Flush
50 x bet for Straigh Flush
25 x bet for 4 Of a Kind
9 x bet for Full House
6 x bet for a Flush
4 x bet for a Stright
3 x bet for 3 of a Kind
2 x bet for Two Pairs
1 x bet for Jacks or Better

Submit your highscore
Once the game is over, in case you achieved a high-score higher than the top 10, you will be able to write it down on the game internal hall of fame and you will also be able to submit your score to our leader board.

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